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Gehl Food & Beverage Companies offers quality ingredients (including rice, soy, oats, tapioca, and tea) that meet consumer interest in unique, high-quality products from the food & beverage industry.

Our ingredients come from high-quality suppliers and farmers, and we apply advanced technology and state-of-the-art milling and processing.  Our technical expertise is here to educate and provide solutions while developing processes and products that compliment the growing trend toward natural, certified organic, and certified non-GMO food ingredients as well as plant-based alternatives.

As you grow to meet new natural and organic food trends, we’re here to help. We’ve been creating these products for more than 40 years and invented the first patented process for making rice syrup in 1980. When you choose Gehl Food & Beverage Companies, you know you’re collaborating with a manufacturer of high-quality ingredients for your products. 

Ingredient Capabilities

We manufacture a wide-range of premium natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry. 


As the first company to invent patented processes for making rice syrup, we have always been an industry leader in creating quality rice and tapioca syrups.     

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Dairy-Alternative Bases

Our dairy-alternative bases are commonly used in a variety of applications such as non-dairy beverages, soups, baking, and more. 

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Rice Proteins

As an allergen-friendly alternative to dairy proteins, rice proteins are popular protein sources for use in baking, bars, cereals, nutritional beverages, and alternative milks. 

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Tea Extractions

Our tea extractions are highly efficient and commonly used in chai and iced teas. 

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Work with Gehl Food & Beverage Companies

When you work with Gehl Food & Beverage Companies, you receive not only high-quality ingredients, but you also benefit from our more than forty years of industry experience. Our deep understanding of the science and trends in this industry allows us to complete your projects quickly and with exceptional results. 

We will work with you from concept development through commercialization. We are not only able to provide you with premium raw materials from our ingredients but also research and development expertise, packaging know-how, decades of manufacturing experience, and more. 

Our technical team strives to be at the forefront of innovation and to execute with excellence.  We deliver great-tasting products and utilize sustainable, consumer-relevant packaging and raw materials.  We have clear and defendable points of difference between us and the competition.  We meet customer demands for low costs, innovation, flexibility, and world-class customer service that has shaped us into who we are today.

We have a proven track record of success in the nutritional, natural, and organic food industries. Are you ready to get started? We’re ready to collaborate with you. Contact us today. 

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Gehl Food & Beverage Companies is devoted to customer satisfaction, and we are happy to hear from you. 

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