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A wine glass with red wine and a wine glass with white wine

Wine and Spirits

Our experience as America's first and only Tetra Pak® packaged wine manufacturer makes us the perfect pairing for your brand

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The United States ranks fourth in the world in wine production behind France, Italy, and Spain, and 90% of that wine is produced in California. California Natural Products (CNP) is the first and only manufacturer in North America to package wine and other alcoholic spirits in Tetra Pak® aseptic packages.

Packaging alcohol in a Tetra Pak® carton allows for greater product protection, reduces weight and space during transportation to both suppliers and consumers, and makes recycling easy.  Since adding wine and spirits to our product lineup, we’ve experienced double-digit growth and continue to be the leader in this category.

We know your customers have high expectations when it comes to wine – so our experts work closely with your team to define the unique character and flavors of your product.  With a dedicated wine silo delivery system, including sparging and filtration of bottle-ready wine, paired with our rigorous quality programs, your product can deliver consistent quality from beginning to end.

We offer an extensive line of premium, ready-to-drink wine and spirits:

  • Domestic Wine
  • Imported Wine
  • Any Varietal Wine
  • Mixed Cocktails
  • Spirits
  • Sake

Quality Assurance

During a production run, our quality assurance team regularly tests samples of your wine or distilled beverage to help ensure your standards have been met. This testing helps provide a consistent, high-quality product every time. 

Once your run is complete, our teams test samples of your products for consistency and safety. We pride ourselves on providing this extra step for added peace of mind. And if our testing reveals that your product does not meet our standards, or yours, it will not be released.

Our team works hard to protect your products, brand, and reputation.


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