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Sauces and Puddings


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Sauce Products

Gehl Food & Beverage Companies is tops in sweet flavors and high-quality puddings, yogurt blends, and dessert sauces.  We formulate products for a variety of cold, hot, and dispensed applications.

Our team works closely with chefs and product development teams to create unique, custom flavors and packaging solutions for many National Accounts. Our cross functional teams collaborate with yours to deliver innovative menus and limited-time offerings. We work with you to keep your menu fresh and your customers coming back for more. Our standards for quality, food safety, great taste, and innovation are reflected in every product we develop.

Although we have experience manufacturing a broad array of sauces and puddings, we are always exploring new areas and learning about new categories. Reach out to us to see if we can help you with your project!

Thanks to our aseptic processes, we deliver commercially-sterile products that are ‘ready to serve’. While they can be heated or cooled to desired serving temperatures, they do not need to be cooked before serving. Our process creates great tasting product that is a commerically sterile, providing freshness without requiring refrigeration or preservatives.

Our savory aseptic cheese sauces and wholesome puddings are perfect for restaurants, convenience stores, movie theaters, bars & taverns, lodging, concession stands, cafeterias, and even homes! They are available in a variety of price points and packed in cans, pouches, and dispensable bags.


Sauce Products


Gehl Food & Beverage Companies is equipped to process many types of aseptic sauces, including our famous Gehl's® Cheese Sauce. They are available in a variety of price points and packed in cans, pouches, and dispensable bags.



Chili Sauce


Add a southwestern kick to your menu with Gehl’s® Chili Sauce. Our recipe features a top-secret blend of chili peppers, spices, and onion. It is packaged to serve directly from our easy-to-use dispensers.


Great-Tasting Desserts

Pudding Products 

As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding."  In our case, that’s pure and nutritious pudding made with real milk and wholesome ingredients for great-tasting desserts and snacks. Our puddings are aseptically packaged and ready to eat.  Every decadent bite captures that classic taste your customers crave. 
Serve Gehl’s® Puddings with whipped cream and other tasty mix-ins, or use them as ingredients in fruit parfaits or crowd-pleasing pudding pies.

Available in Chocolate and Vanilla!

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Cheese sauce isn’t an average snack. Don’t settle for an average brand. Cheese your own adventure with Gehl’s® products. We make America’s favorite foods FUN and Craveable. Learn about our products at

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