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Non-Dairy Beverages

As non-dairy beverages continue to increase in popularity, find out how we can deliver aseptic, shelf-stable solutions for your team

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Dairy Alternatives

As the non-dairy beverage (or dairy alterative) market continues to grow, our experts can help you develop non-dairy beverages that will meet the needs of your customers around the globe. 

These beverages offer many advantages to consumers. Since many non-dairy beverages use nut or plant proteins, without the use of traditional preservative or processing methods, they are often considered part of a healthy lifestyle. They are also ideal for consumers who cannot consume dairy while still providing an authentic, dairy-like taste and texture. 



Our team can help your source authentic, nutritional ingredients for your non-dairy beverages. We can also assist during the product development and manufacturing processes to ensure you deliver rich, flavorful, shelf-stable beverages, from nut milks to ready-to-drink shakes. 


Oat Milk


Some of our non-dairy offerings include:

  • Almond Milk
  • Oat Milk
  • Soy Milk
  • Coconut milk and water


High Quality

Non-Dairy Beverages and Aseptic Processing

Thanks to our advanced aseptic manufacturing process, your non-dairy beverages are developed and packaged in a commercial-grade sterilization facility. Our process eliminates potential food borne pathogens from your beverages. We also minimize employee contact to ensure our machinery and environment remain sterile. 

As part of our process, we rapidly heat and cool your beverage to keep it safe, sterile, and flavorful. After your products have been developed and tested, we put them into pre-sterilized packaging materials and seal them. This airtight environment ensures beverages remain shelf-stable, delicious and safe. 



Meeting your Standards

Quality Assurance

During a manufacturing or production run, our quality assurance team continually tests samples of your non-dairy beverages to ensure your standards have been met. This provides a consistent, high-quality product every time. 

Once your run is complete, our teams test all of your products for consistency and safety. We pride ourselves on providing this extra step for peace of mind. And, rest assured, if your product does not meet our standards, or yours, it will not be released.

Our team works hard to protect your products, brand and reputation.

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