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Private Label Manufacturing

When searching for a long-term private label partner that will provide high quality products at a low cost, you’ve found a match in Gehl Food & Beverage. 

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Private Label Opportunities

For over 125 years, Gehl Food & Beverage has led the food and beverage manufacturing industry, providing high quality, great tasting private label food and beverage products to worldwide retailers, grocery, wholesalers, and international distributors. We work with our partners to produce their own brand solution to drive store loyalty, value, and savings.

Examples of products we produce include: 

  • Nutritional Beverages
  • Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives
  • Cheese Sauce
  • Premium Broth and Soup
  • And Many More

But that’s not all. We are fully equipped to manufacture a variety of premium products to meet your demand. 

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Why Partner with Gehl Food & Beverage? 

Our private label team members are aseptic manufacturing experts, with years of food processing knowledge. If that isn’t enough, here are a few additional capabilities that set us apart from the rest. 

We work with you

A Partner, Not Just a Manufacturer

We’re not looking to only be your manufacturer. When we work with you, we’re your partner, here to use our industry expertise to guide you toward the best product possible. Our category expertise will keep you up-to-date on industry trends, so you can remain nimble to changing market conditions with ease. Our services also include providing recommendations on SKU assortment and category management, as well as label design and packaging. We’re here to bring your product vision to life through every step of the process.  

Aseptic Manufacturing

Our aseptic manufacturing process transforms any idea into a high quality, shelf stable product. All our products are produced and packaged in our 100% sterile manufacturing environment. 

We sterilize both product and packaging in a sterile environment before processing them together. This eliminates microorganisms that cause spoilage and locks in freshness without refrigeration, preservatives, or comprising taste.

As the first FDA-approved aseptic manufacturer in the United States, our team knows what is needed to create safe and delicious aseptic products. Our Wisconsin and California facilities hold numerous Quality Control Approvals and Certifications.

Learn More About Our Quality & Certifications



Consumer Benefits

Food Quality
  • Consistent quality and guaranteed fresh flavor
  • Minimized employee contact to ensure our machinery and environment remains sterile
Health Benefits
  •  Cleaner labels, healthier products
  •  Products are ready to eat and commercially sterile without the use of preservatives

Cost Benefits

Flexible Packaging
  • Ambient-filled product allows for extensive packaging
  • Easy to use and convenient products! Store without refrigeration for up to 18 months
Simplified Distribution
  •  Ambient products reduce cost of shipping and warehousing



Research and Development Expertise

Our inhouse research and development team can help bring your product vision to life. If you are struggling to determine what’s missing or identify areas of growth, our R&D team can help bridge the gap.

Learn More about our Research and Development Capabilities



Diverse Container Types and Packaging Options 

Our products are able to be packed in a variety of container types depending on the needs of your product and consumer. 


Low Cost, High Quality, Experienced Team

We truly can’t say this enough. Our efficient team has the ability to provide you with quality products that compete with the big names, but at a much lower cost. 

Make Us Your Private Label Partner

When you partner with Gehl Food & Beverage we promise to deliver proven results. We take your vision and make it reality with our advanced technology, research & development, food safety, quality, supply chain, product and packaging development expertise for every project. 

We Are Looking Forward to Partnering with You! Get in Touch Today.


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Gehl Food & Beverage is devoted to 100% satisfaction.   We are always ready to hear from our customers.  Contact us for any questions you may have.  Customer Service will respond to you in a timely manner.