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Aseptic Manufacturing

Gehl Food & Beverage Companies has been a pioneer of low-acid aseptic dairy processing since the early 1970s. Our aseptic products are ready-to-serve and packed in convenient packages that fit the needs of your consumers. Our secret is an advanced aseptic process that locks in freshness without refrigeration.

Our highly-specialized aseptic process allows food and beverage products to achieve commercial sterility. Through a process of combining commercially-sterile ingredients with sterilized packaging materials and sealing them within a commercially-sterile environment, we create on-trend products that do not spoil at ambient temperatures. This airtight seal and commericial sterility allows a 12 – 18 month ambient shelf life without compromising taste.

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Going The Extra Mile

Why Aseptic?

Aseptic manufacturing preserves fresh, quality ingredients into shelf-stable products. This process gives foods and beverages (like nutritional drinks, dairy alternatives, cheese sauces, and puddings) longer, fresher shelf lives by virtually eliminating all microorganisms that cause spoilage.

Because of our dedicated, aseptic focus, Gehl Food & Beverage Companies create possibilities to differentiate today's brands with: 

High Quality 



We provide consistent quality and fresh flavor.  We also lock in freshness by maintaining commercial sterility.  


Ready to Eat Enjoyment



As packaged, our products are ready to eat and commercially stable WITHOUT requiring preservatives or refrigeration.   




Our specialized aseptic process delivers consistency over the course of the production run. Instead of running many small batches, we focus on large, standardized batches, reducing variations. With this method, the first package tastes as great as the last.   





We provide easy-to-use and convenient products for every industry.  Products can be stored without refrigeration for up to 18 months.  


Simplified Distribution 


Ambient products reduce the cost of shipping and warehousing.  



  • Flavor:  Creamier, fresher flavors 
  • Health:  Cleaner labels, healthier products 
  • Usage:  Consumer portability, non-refrigerated distribution opportunities 

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