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Gehl Food & Beverage Completes 22,500 Square Foot Expansion

August 17, 2021

Gehl Food & Beverage is excited to announce the completion of its newest expansion. This expansion extended the Main Street manufacturing facility in Germantown, Wisconsin to the corner of Church Street & Main Street.

After nearly two years of construction, Gehl Food & Beverage and the Germantown Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, August 21 to inaugurate the 22,500 square foot addition.

This project allows Gehl Food & Beverage to house four new food and packaging manufacturing lines to expand capacity on current packaging offerings. It also added five silos that can hold up to 32,500 gallons each of product to meet today’s consumer demand.

“This newest expansion is designed to support the continual growth of the company and to better serve our customers and the community,” said Craig Lemieux, CEO of Gehl Food & Beverage.

The exterior maintains the old-world Germanic charm that is featured on the original building still standing on Main Street. Gehl Food & Beverage replaced the curb and sidewalk on Main Street to create a better walkway for pedestrians and a safer intersection on Church and Main Street by removing obstructions and improving driver vision.

Future plans for the expansion include a company store that will allow Germantown residents to purchase products from the plant including Gehl’s Cheese and Chili Sauces, tortilla chips and other Gehl Food & Beverage products like shelf stable coffee and nutritional beverages.

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